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Sustainable agriculture

80% of Uganda’s population depends on agriculture book report outline, write my essays however a biggest percentage of this population can not find sufficient food either for consumption or for sell and cause and effect essay helpthis is mainly brought about by poor farming techiniques. FOFO is building capacity in sustainable agriclture for farmers in Siroko district. FOFO focuses onhelp with chemistry homework years

  • Soil and water conservation
  • Organic agriculture
  • Maximising use of small plots
  • Agro forestry/ tree planting
  • Vegetable gardens

Renewable Energy

Over 90% of Ugandans depend on wood fuel homework help to meet their energy needs. However, trees are getting depleshed at a rate higher than they can re- generate. In a bid to provive alternative energy and to empower communities, FOFO carries out trainings in renewable energy technologies. These technologies include Bio gas, energy saving stoves, low cost briquetting



A report by the Strengthening TB and HIV/AIDs ghostwriter bachelor Responses in Eastern Uganda (STAR-E) project revealed that Sironko district in Eastern Uganda has the highest HIV prevalence rate in the country, standing at 10.4% prevalence was derived from data collected from January to June (2011). Busia district is ranked second with a HIV prevalence of 8.2%, while Bududa has a 5.2% prevalence rate. The research indicates that some cultural issues are fuelling HIV transmission in the region, which should otherwise be registering low cases as a result of preventative measures such as circumcision among men.

Although circumcision among men reduces the chances of contracting HIV/Aids by 60%.FOFO as concerned stakeholders has engage in massive sensitization campaign to enlighten the populations on the fact that male circumcision is not a 100% protection against HIV and should be supplemented with other measures such as use of condoms, having one partner and early testing to know zero status.

FOFO has also come up with program of care and support the affected and the infected persons or Families. This do by home visits, Training more counselor do counseling and give support .FOFO has formed vision groups for the youth both in school and school dropout .The group leader have been trained in life skills, entrepreneurship, which would help them in they day to day life.

Although FOFO has worked to see that there is reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDS and giving care and support much is still need to the areas of Buwalasi Sub County where FOFO works.