Toro was the daughter of turnover.

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Ebner, who won the Super Bowl in 2015 with the Pats, against Seattle, will begin the Olympic tournament, structured in six days, from August 6. And then it will join the Patriots, who begin training camp already on July 27, only after Brazil. Ebner is the second NFL player to participate in the Olympics after playing in professional American football league, which was drafted in 2012 by New England, in fact, after the experience in college at Ohio State.

The other is the legendary former Dallas Cowboys running back, twice a Pro Bowl and Herschel Walker. The former Georgia Bulldog University (Heisman Trophy winner: best college player in 1982) participated in Winter Olympics, however, that of Albertville, in 1992 in France. In the bobsled, finishing seventh for Team USA.

Olympics gym nfl – Ebner will be the 42nd NFL athlete with a history to boast Olympic experience. There are many athletes discovered by deductibles NFL thanks to their Olympic exploits. And then put under contract after playing an Olympics. They come mainly from athletics as imaginable. The most famous, for what he represented, is the sprinter Tommie Smith, gold medal (with world record) in the 200 meters in Mexico City in 1968.

But you will remember, perhaps more than for the name to the protest with clenched fist and the black glove on the podium American national anthem, along with countryman Carlos, the bronze medal. In key career NFL, however, deserve the citation Carlos Metson, two medals – in the 400m and in the relay of 4×400 m – in Helsinki in 1952, and then super running back between Cardinals (in Chicago AFL), Rams, Lions and Eagles and Bob Hayes, sprinter than in Tokyo in 1964 won gold in the 100 meters and 4×100 with the US, only to end up in the Hall of Famers thanks to his ten-year career in Dallas.  Bob Hayes with the jersey of Dallas Bob Hayes with the jersey of Dallas Hayes, receiver, is the only sport to have won an Olympic title and a Super Bowl, that of 1972.

Curiosity: not only Americans as Olympic athletic and nfl. The list also includes the Australian Colin Ridgeway, punter in the NFL after participating in the 1956 games as a high jumper. In more recent times we have seen playing James Jett, good receiver of the Raiders, a member of the relay (gold winner) in Barcelona 1992. Fast as a jet, in name and in fact …

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February 27, 2019 – Florence The exultation of Fiorentina. Ansa A perfect advertisement for the Italian Cup, too often snubbed and forgotten. Merit of two teams in the form: 10 points in the last 6 championship, for Atalanta two k.o. in a row, but basically remains one detail: the defeat with Toro was the daughter of turnover.

And Fiorentina becomes the protagonist of another 3-3, after that three days ago against Inter in the league. Two companies who do not love, for old mischief, market and otherwise. Logical that the first semi-final between Fiorentina and Atalanta ends equal, with a concentrate of goals (6), emotions (lots), also emotion for the memory of Astori, and then played up, running, frantic pace, mistakes.

Italian Cup: Fiorentina-Atalanta, which show at atalanta Franks, sprint start – Part better Gasperini band, driven by Ilicic, which in these parts did not leave a lot of regrets and Papu that Sunday was not on the pitch to trouble the flexor . It is they, the small and the tall, to make a difference. Pioli had imagined for ways to contain and makes a conservative choice: left, Dabo Gomez expects little further out from the area and Vitor Hugo follows Ilicic until about the halfway line.

Too high. The smart Josip not ask for more: dribble, shoot, stops, changes position and the poor Brazilian to follow him in trouble. Result: the Viola for a good half hour can not build and you crush, because De Roon is good at curbing Gerson (and will do the same later with Edemilson). Atalanta is so mistress of the field: could pass already at 9 ‘, but Lafont did well to repel with an open hand a Ilicic shooting, primed by De Roon.

The goal, however, comes a little later: still Ilicic for Gomez into the area and beats Lafont who tries desperately output. Two minutes later (18 ‘), the doubling: the dazed Vitor Hugo loses the ball, took advantage of the usual Ilicic doing a launch that cuts the field: Pasalic put in the right flight. purple comeback – The game is likely to end with abundant advance. But Atalanta does not stop, and makes the first mistake: you’re ahead by two goals, away, and not from you calm down?

Minute 33: Palomino lost a bloody ball down the right, the Church takes advantage and starts a counterattack while Brazilian pursues him unnecessarily wondering what combined: shoot and goal. Match reopened, even as Atalanta was controlling the game. And three minutes later, the accounts balance; Pasalic lost Muriel backing for Benassi, left alone by Palomino: right turn, and 2-2.

Unbelievable. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV infinite game – The second half was a copy of the first, although the pace is lower, and it could not be otherwise. Pioli changes the Ilicic marking, entrusting it to Ceccherini and no longer Vitor Hugo.

Then try Edimilson for disappointing Gerson. At 7 ‘Benassi has a great opportunity in Atalanta, but argues with his legs and spoils everything. But Fiorentina is another: soon after, Vitor Hugo tries to make amends with an interesting test shot goes just wide. But this wonderful game is fun to refute the certainties.

Minute 13, De Roon picks up a ball from outside the box, he front of the Church, takes aim and fires a big right to ride. Lafont flies but can not help it. For Viola is a blow not just: struggling to recover, regroup. There is a pull Biraghi, 28 ‘, which goes off to the left of Berisha. What then, with great choice of time, out of the foot of Muriel.

Final – Game over? But please: just Muriel wins the challenge with Colombian Zapata signs and 1xbet sport betting 3-3 on the launch of the Church from the right. And it starts: De Roon tries again from outside, but the ball goes out. Even Gasperini chooses caution: outside Zapata, in Reca. But the Church is to have another interesting opportunity.

At 92 ‘it is then Atalanta to touch the incredible 4-3 with Hateboer whose header rattled the crossbar and legs of the purple people. In two months the return, but on Sunday there is another challenge, in Bergamo and in the league. Will it be more fun than this?

Hard. From our network Gazzanet: Gasp: “I’m angry” Church: “We want the final” Pioli: “We still believe” from our correspondent William Longhi

February 28, 2019 – Milan Cristiano Ronaldo, 34 years. Ansa Thursday morning was a good Thursday morning for Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 has regularly trained with the team, even with pain in his left ankle that kept him in (partial) rest yesterday afternoon. The chance to see him on the pitch on Sunday evening in Naples – the second against first, the game that may simultaneously close and reopen the Scudetto speech – so are increasing.

Tomorrow and Saturday will be the decisive day: Ronaldo will return to training and especially evaluate the pain. If you look good as it seems quite possible, it will be in the field for at least part of the game. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV NOTHING DOUGLAS – Juventus obviously does not intend to risk: the March Central race is returning with Atletico Madrid on Tuesday 12 and would not make sense to force the return of CR7 in the league to risk not having it in the Champions League.

Who definitely will not go into the field on the weekend instead is Douglas Costa. DC11 worked separately either yesterday or today and Sunday evenings will look Napoli-Juventus. In attack, without him, it is almost certain games Mario Mandzukic, who scored two times in the first leg.

Dybala and Bernardeschi can fight for a shirt or be used together with the purple former also useful in midfield. Luca Bianchin

March 29, 2019 – Rome Claudio Ranieri. AFP The impression is that, if Roma had the serenity of Claudio Ranieri, could more easily out of the shallows of the controversy. But Napoli looming and the coach – which calls for patience for lectures made two days before the match ( “I learned abroad, helps to concentrate more on the game”) – this would explain. “Finally I saw the full dressing.

I saw beautiful proactive, and is the most important thing.

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